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Fourth Ordinary Meeting of SSISI 176

​Danny O’Hare (President Emeritus, DCU)

Michael Ryan (Prof. Emeritus of Computing, DCU)

An analysis of the current Leaving Certificate points system and
a new Leaving Certificate points system

5.30pm, Thursday 23rd March 2023

Online and face-to-face at The Merrion Room, RDS

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173rd Session - 2019/20


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The Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland is an all-Ireland body that has been in continuous existence since 1847. The Society organises seven or so public meetings each year at which papers are read followed by an open forum discussion. The proceedings are subsequently published in the Journal of the Society. The Society provides a unique meeting ground for discussion between decision-makers in the business, public service, trade union, academic, and research communities. The Society is run on an entirely voluntary basis by a Council elected by the members and is financed by the subscriptions of members, individuals, and corporate.


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